8th Grade Songs with basic chords

Music and the media have complimented each other for years. Even the earliest films, although “silent,” were shown in theaters with an organist playing live background music. In the late 40s and early 50s TVs became common household items. From this time on into the early 70s, variety shows such as the Ed Sullivan Show played a large role in bringing rising musical artists to the eye of the public (some of these artists include Elvis Presley and the Beatles)

Watch a video clip of a live performance featured in a variety show of the early 60s.

My Girl by Smokey Robinson & Ronald White. Performed by the Temptations –1964

In the late 60s and through the 70s, promotional clips became important to the music industry. Promotional clips are similar to music videos and were used to help promote new albums. For example, the Swedish group ABBA launched a promotional clip of their song Dancing Queen as an alternative to touring.

Watch the video below of a promotional clip for Gloria Gaynor’s recording of “I Will Survive”

I Will Survive by Freddie Perren, first performed by Gloria Gaynor –1978

In the 1980s MTV was launched, and its primary purpose was to broadcast music videos. Since its launch in 1981, its music videos have not only promoted new music, but they have also impacted film and society. For example, the video “Walk this Way” by Run DMC and Aerosmith, helped to make Hip-hop and Rap accessible and accepted by a broader audience and brought it into the mainstream. Directors have also enjoyed using music videos as an opportunity to take creative risks and try new things.
The first video that MTV launched was “Video Killer the Radio Star” symbolizing the rise of a new era.

In recent years, the internet has become a huge source of information, where many people go to hear songs that are new or unfamiliar to them. It is also a great resource for learning the chords to your favorite songs and downloading music you like.
Read through the song options provided by your teacher. If any of them are unfamiliar, please listen to the song by clicking on the corresponding video. Choose the song you would like to work on for your project.

Eye of Tiger by Survivor -1982

Good Riddance by Green Day –1997

Beautiful by Linda Perry, performed by Christina Aguilera 2002


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