6th Grade Al Citron Game

Please practice the words to Al Citron so that we can all participate in singing and so that we can all play the game accurately. You should practice at least 2 or three times during the week. To listen to the song being sung, you may try the link below. FYI, the voices in the recording will sound younger than you. 🙂

Al citron recording

Al citron de un fandango, Sango sango, Sabare sabaré de la randela, con su triki triki tran.

Game Rules

Sit in a circle on the ground. Each person has a stone (or small object) which you passes to the right. On each downbeat the stone is placed in front of  your neighbor; on the second beat, a new one is picked up to put down on the next downbeat. The stones move around the circle in this manner until the words “triki triki tran”, when they are held and knocked on the ground to the right, left, and then passed to the right on the word “tran.” The game continues in this way and any person breaking the rhythm is eliminated until only one person is left.


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